Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What Do Creative Poeple Look Like?

What makes us creative? Where does it come from? What are the differences between creative types and everyone else?

Introversion - appears to be most important for occupations and endeavours that require isolated work and thoughtful consideration. Typically, creative scientists and artists are introverted. Studies show, however, that commercial creatives (advertising, marketing, etc.,) tend to be extraverted. How can we explain these differences? The work of an artist or scientist will often involve long hours working independently (in the studio or the lab), such that a predisposition to favour solitude holds the creator in good stead

Neuroticism- appears to be particularly elevated in "artistic" domains. Such that poets, artists and designers are often more emotionally sensitive. Why?

The answer may be tracked back to the notion of what we consider art and artistic products to be "for". If we run with the idea that art "exists" in order to generate emotions in the viewer or recipient. Then... if artists are more emotionally sensitive, they are in a better position to understand emotion and convey it through their artistic products to evoke emotional responses in the beholder.

I find these things to so true in myself. And the source of numerous "issues" in my life. I find things very easy that involve art or spacial relationships. But more left brain activities I find puzzling or impossilble, like math or words.
 I think the reason I connect so well with horses is they are emotionally sensitive entities as well and I can communicate with them via movement or thought.

I am very curious if these things ring true with other artists as much as they do me. Please leave a comment with your opinion or experience.


  1. I like your thoughts. I do tend to think a lot of artists are introverted. I am more the extroverted. Perhaps that is why I like to create. I want to share my art with the world and make those that see it happy. I have a FB page where I try to entertain the audience with posting the painting during its progression, adding chat, jokes and funny pictures. Keeping interest up, keeps fans up and orders keep coming in. So, the extrovert in me helps me market my product.

  2. Pam, I wish I had more of that extrovert thing going for me. Thanks for sharing that. I'm going to find you facebook.

  3. Oh heck Pam I already do and love the watercolor pets you do!

  4. Hi Diana,
    I think i'm very introvert when i create in my studio. I need to be alone with my little candels, my music. I can find in myself all my feeling and put it on my canvas with my possibilities and my writing.
    In the life i go to meet everybody and talk or chatte and laugh... I can't stay alone. I gladly show my paintings and talk about them with some customers. They very often find me in them. I'm not bothered with that.
    I can say i'm extrovert too!
    Sorry if my english is bad...
    Best regards.

  5. Martine, Sounds like you have the perfect balance going on.

  6. I think sometimes people have a mistaken view of what introverted and extraverted really means. Introverts aren't shy, unsocial people, nor are extraverts total hedonists, partying all the time! :) I prefer the definitions inner-directed or outer-directed. Introverts love people, can be very sociable, but their interactions with people will drain them so they need to retreat to refresh. Extraverts are energized by other people and outside stimulation. They need that as much as introverts need solitude occasionally.

    Because of the misunderstanding about the definitions, my family and friends laugh like crazy when I say I'm introverted (as I dance around with a lampshade on my head).

    Great post, Diana.