Friday, January 25, 2013

Freezing Drizzly Morning

Its been so long since I've written a blog post I forgot my password. Oops
Anyway I have decided to start again. With the weekly newsletter and daily face book posts it seems I do more promotion than painting. So with my blog I'm going to do it a bit differently. OK let's start.

This morning the dogs get me up. I surely don't need or use an alarm clock. I look out the door of my barn apartment and the horses are in. Not good. I feed the horses and see the freezing drizzle. Not as cold as yesterday but still.
I eat breakfast and feed the pups. They are anxious to go for a walk. I want to stay in a while like the horses so I putter around the apartment.
My skin takes a beating in the winter. I read about a scrub I want to try. So I mix up 1 teaspoon sugar with a teaspoon of olive oil. I rub it on my face and neck, leave it a couple of minutes and wash it off. I don't get all the oil off but no worries it will soak in. My face feels refreshed. Like this and so easy!

The freezing drizzle turns to a misty rain with the sun trying really hard to come out. The horses go out and I FINALLY walk the dogs. You would think they are kept in a pen from the way they act about walking. But oh contrare they are loose on the farm all the time unless they are in a building with me.

Anyway it is my Mom's birthday today so sis and I are heading over the mountain this evening to celebrate. I got her the Crazy Cat Lady board game. :) Hope she likes it. Will also take her some homegrown chickens and sweet potatoes.