Saturday, March 20, 2010

Heaven Bound

Heaven Bound
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This Spirit Horse started out being a palomino, at least that was my intention. The intention of the pony was lavender. Sometimes they just have a plan I am not aware of. So what can I do but go with the flow and be thankful there is one.

In real horse news I do not have a palomino or a lavender horse, but none the less they have me smiling

I am still waiting for the lumber to finish the barn and have been called off to work on one of the family rent houses, laying tile floors. I didn't mind as it has been cold and windy.

Today the wind calmed and the sun warmed us up nicely. I took my grand daughter's mustang Flash out for a ride.
He is 
a very buddy sour horse . After having the winter off I had a plan and hoped for the best but prepared for a fight. Flash pleasantly surprised me with little fuss when I headed him out of the arena into the pasture. I took him as far as he was comfortable and a few steps farther before heading him back into the arena where Miami whinnied at him from the gate.(She was not helping.) Each time we left the arena he went farther. With out too much fighting the bit he ended up calmly walking half of the pasture. Tonka spooked him as we rounded one of the outbuildings and he jumped sideways. I kept my seat easily and he pulled himself together quickly.
I was pleased with his attention span and his try. It was probably because I told him if he would pull it together a behave for Haily he would only be ridden once or twice a month.
Miami seemed disappointed I didn't ride her today. It is a good thing she is looking forward to getting back to work. She is my green broke paint mare. She has new Old Mac boots we have to break in before I start riding her. So twenty minutes in the new boots tomorrow.
I wish I had some new boots.


  1. Another mystical beautiful painting!

  2. I love your art. It's very free. It feels good just to look at it. That's a cool feeling! Jeannine

  3. Jeannine, Thanks so much and welcome.