Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Stuff

The tepee living has been awesome this year. Although it is very hot during the day the nights are cool and breezy up on the mountain. I have two sides pulled up and the door open. Thank God we don't have mosquitoes here. We have had some flies. They start buzzing about 6:30, but I am getting up that early to ride anyway before it gets too hot. I'm sweating allot less and I think Miami appreciates it also.

This is me trotting on Nadine, a lesson horse during a riding lesson. Things were not going well. She was not cooperating and my stirrups were too long.

My grand daughter Terra practicing her bareback riding on her horse Missy. I started her out with a neck rope to hold on to. I did not want her balancing on the reins. She never used it and developed great balance quickly.

As far as work goes I'm still in portrait world and hope to finish up in the next day or two and get back to painting.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Canvas Patterns

A charcoal portrait recently completed.

I am always searching for ways to make my studio more efficient. I thought of making canvas patterns for the most frequently used sizes of canvas. I finally got around to doing it. I used poster board and figured the size of canvas fabric I need to do the deep gallery wraps. After measuring and marking I cut out the patterns. Now when I get ready to cut a piece of canvas I don't have to do any measuring or even unfold the whole roll of canvas. I just get out the right size pattern, pull out a corner of the roll of fabric, draw the outline and cut it out.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wanted: Desperate and Gullible Artist

The crooked folks looking for desperate and gullible sellers on etsy

The "buyer" and I use that term loosely had no feedback, location, favorites and had joined today.

As much as I would be thrilled to sell this painting...........this is so wrong on so many levels.

Although I was born at night it sure as hell wasn't last night.
 This is the convo I received  today except for the email address that I left out for their own protection.
I know after y'all read this they will get thousands of hateful emails.

(just kidding)

Sunset Girls

I am interested in the immediate purchase of your item and will be make payment via cashier check/money order, my private shipping company will handle the shipping, but before payment will be made i need to be sure of who i am dealing with if you are going to be honest and sincere throughout the transaction. A certified cashiers check is cash-able the same day,there is going to be an excess fund on the check ,the excess fund is meant for the private shipping company who will come to your place for pick up of the item, so shipping is not a problem,will you be able to transfer the excess fund to the shipping company the same day you receive the check?. check would be sent to you so when you get payment you can easily cash it at any cashing point near you or deposit in your bank. You'll be sending excess fund to my shipper , which would be meant for shipping arrangement.if you agree, signify your interest by forwarding to me your Final Asking Price, Full Name & Contact Address and Tel # also i will want you to email to my husband private email address yada yada yada[!at] make sure you reply back to my husband email,So plz kindly email me to my email address I await your response soonest.

Best and kind regards,

She didn't sign it with a name unless her name is , (comma) yet they want my name and phone #.

Are you sure you don't want my ssn and bank routing number?????

This is my response:

Hi, If you are really interested in Sunset Girls you will have to purchase it through the normal etsy channels. I do accept money orders and my shipping price will be added to the sale. I do not contact private emails nor do I give out any more info than is on my profile.

If you would like to use your own shipper make sure they will come clear out here to the backwoods and pay them separately yourself.

Hugs, Diana

I tried to be nice.
                          It was hard. :)

I bet you a million pounds (And I have won that much with my email!) I don't get a response.