Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fun With Collage

available at Lancaster Art

I did a black and white watercolor a while back called "Blue Blazes"

Sorry I don't have a photo of it on this computer and the other still sits in the shop.
 You'll have to pop over to Lancaster Art to take a look at it.

Anyway I liked this piece and wanted to take the image in a different direction. After cropping it I did a study in acrylic simplifing the black and white shapes.
The horses look like Gypsy Vanners so I decided to do a traveling theme. Topo maps I have of the national forest worked well for the white. I had to do a little searching to find the destinations paper used for the black.
I started with applying the topo maps to heavy watercolor paper using gel medium. Tracing paper was used over the study to make patterns for the black shapes which were carefully applied over the maps. It was all sealed in with the gel medium which gives it a glossy look.

I did another a bit more simplified one. I'm planning on playing with some color with that one. Seeing red.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fire Horses

Fire Horses
Prints available at Lancaster Art

This painting reflects the power of the horse....
 and the scorching hot temps we've had.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Cowgirl Way

The Cowgirl Way
available at Lancaster Art

I did this 14 x 14 collage for the Small Works on Paper exhibit and at the last minute decided not to enter.

It just seemed like too much trouble for no prize money and one more thing for me to do which right now is one thing too many.

Still minus one person here as my step brother is still out of state working. The parents have not been healthy this summer and between hospital stays and doc visits for them both I cherish the days when I can actually stay in the studio and work uninterrupted for just a few hours.

So today no doc visits... tomorrow at least one.

And its hot-record setting hot.
108 yesterday.
 Tonka and I have wimped out and slept in the studio the last two nights. No riding until it cools of a bit. The horses are grouchy and in the barn all day.
Even the chickens are panting and in a fowl mood.