Sunday, February 10, 2013

Starting the Garden

I've had a very busy week. Six paintings sold. Yeehaw!
Got my pup Nakii to the vet to get spayed. SO glad to get that done.

This is Moon Over Xanadu....a 6x6 canvas. This new painting is not sold yet.  Available here.
Anyway it's warming up a bit. I have planted radishes and a lettuce mix called rocky top. And started the sweet potatoes in jars of water indoors.
Getting some cleaning done in the garden and places ready for the potatoes, onions, and brocolli to go in soon.
I have ordered 40 yards of wedding tulle to hoop over the cabbage, brocolli and some squash. Don't really need that much but it cost the same as 20 yds at Walmart so I got it. Hopefully with that and the BT spray I will have more success in bug wars.
Always so glad when when gardening season is over....and here I am in Feb. itching to get back to it.