Friday, March 5, 2010

Another Day In Paradise

Dark Moon
available at Lancaster Art

Missy has perked up in this mild weather and beautifully sunshine. It's great to watch her trot around and feel so good. It's got me feeling pretty good too.

I worked at the barn all day putting up siding. I made an effort to use my right hand to hammer. I am ambidextrous and can do most things with either hand although I usually use my left hand when I paint. I' m sure not good at hitting a nail though.
A couple of years back I got thrown by a horse and had a terrible landing. I broke my back and  left wrist. I had to have surgery and have the wrist pinned together. I guess I healed up pretty good. It doesn't bother me unless I pound nails more than three hours a day.
Today I made a conscious effort to use my right hand. You can tell which hand I used by looking at the boards. The ones with all the gouges in the wood around the nails was my right hand.
It went slower and I still had to start the nails left handed but I did manage to get through the whole day without my wrist getting sore.  I have many more days to practice improving my aim.

It's a huge project.

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