Friday, April 30, 2010

Entering the Sacred Forest

Entering the Sacred Forest

Spring is still keeping me pretty busy with fence mending and horse keeping. I got the ponies in grazing muzzles half the day and bless their little hearts they have still not quite figured out how to graze with them on.

It has been wet and windy here so riding has not been happening. There will be time for that later.

Tonka and I are planning his first big hike in the national forest this weekend. It truly is a sacred forest to me. My grandmother and great grandmother were both raised in this place so there is a very deep connection.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Silver Wings
available at Lancaster Art

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan, 'Press on,' has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race --Calvin Coolidge

Persistence is what it took for me to finish this phase of work on the barn. Though tool malfunctions to many human malfunctions, I kept pressing on just stopping for tornado warnings and lightning. Finally I got to the last stall door latches and figured out how many wrong ways they could be installed before getting it right.

I finished planting the garden and moved into the tepee. I did a new series of trenches inside and out to try to stay dryer than  did last year. With as much rain as we had last year the only way I could be wetter is by wearing scuba gear. Anyway I didn't have to wait long for a storm to roll through to test my trenches and new ozan (partial ceiling). The tornado warning kept me in the studio and closer to the cellar, but I was pleasantly surprised to see very little water in the tepee.

I am working towards more simplified days revolving around painting and riding. We'll see.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Giveaway, A Winner

Yesterday I reached 100 fantastic followers on my blog. I was thrilled to give away one of these lovely Spirit Horses.
Between my blogs followers, my newsletter subscribers ad my facebook fans I had 333 entries.
I cranked up the random number generator and got 315.
Drum roll please....
                             and the winner is Kris from  Alberta Canada.
I sent him a message. This was his immediate response.

"Wow! I'll grab Sun Dancer!!
I love your work!! I'm so excited!! Thank you! "

Congratulations Kris!
Sun Dancer is galloping on up to Canada.

This was fun. We'll do it again.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Two Hearts, One Spirit

Two Hearts, One Spirit


The feeling of getting a real connection with one of your friends Equine is Nothing less than magical. I think the magic is flowing through this painting.

Spent a peaceful day at the barn  trying to finish up the stalls. The weather was pleasant, music on the radio and lots of company. The mares were with me as well as my dog Tonka, and various cats and chickens. A wonderful day.

I am thrilled receive Happy 101 to the Blogger Award.

A great big hug and thanks to Martine!
Check Out Her Blog wonderful paintings and fabulous here.

Here Is The Process to this award ...

- Pass the "torch" to 10 wonderful bloggers...

- Attach this trophy on my blog.

It Is Difficult to make a choice Among all the bloggers I know. You all deserve all this trophy ...

Felicia has over Another Bright Idea for all your lovely work and fun charades games.

Elizabeth your collage Always make me smile. You can see 'em at  Elizabeth Seaver Fine Art.

Kimberly your dog paintings and compassion are tops. Check out Painting A Dog A Day.

Bowsweet You Have the cutest babies.

I Always looks forward to new posts from A Year With Horses

Lauren your work is beautiful and so is your new daughter. Look at this wonderful work has Lauren Alexander Art.

Juli I love reading about your country life at Barefoot Gypsy Blog.

Jay Will Represent the male out here.Check out his lovely candle holders (my favorites) and his other woodwork at  Hand Crafted Woodworks jn3.

Pretty purses and a very entertaining blog by Michelle at By Your Side

And last but Certainly not least ... your adorable always Mollimoo.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Inspector at the Barn

Hay, food giver lady why don't you try using that level?

I have been very preoccupied with trying finish the last bit of stall building before I have to start putting grazing muzzles on the horses. I need to be able to separate them so the pushy mustang doesn't run the mares through the fence when they are all closed up in the barn together.
I have already started Miami on her summer schedule of spending the morning riding and the afternoon in the barn with Missy. So she's been inspecting everything I do. She is particularly interested in her stall.

I want it pink and wth a tv and air conditioner.

And room service.
Today Miami gets the morning off as I attempt to put up a 3/4"  4x8 plywood stall door by myself. It's so bulky and heavy I'm not sure I will be able to do it.

Terra taking a break to brush Missy.

Terra my helper went home and its just as well as the door is too big for her to help with.
Still finding time to do a little painting. This one is The Golden Journey.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tepee or Para Sail

It came time to put the tepee back up. I had a couple of friends available to help me. The sun was shining but the wind was blowing hard.
We got the 24' long poles out of the bar loft. It was harder than putting them up there. I guess the whole gravity thing was working too well. I was on the bottom trying to lower theses long poles really heavy on the butt end and not able to get far enough up to really balance them. Times 24 poles.
Three of us started to measure where the tripod went and surprised at how much we had forgotten abut doing it last year. After much head scratching in the wind we got the tripod tied together and stood up. We stepped back to ponder the next move and the tripod comes crashing down.
We remeasure and try it again. The rope slips down before we get it raised up.
We use a different kind of rope and try it one more time. This time it holds and I hold onto it until some opposing poles can be laid in and the rope wound around. The rest of the poles go in quickly and the frame feels stable.
I spread the tepee out on the ground and lay the last pole on top to tie it on. Tonka lays on the tepee and I can't get it positioned right. I tell him to move. He does. A gust of wind blows and the huge canvas tepee lifts up and moves. Do it all over again this time humans hold it in place until I get it tied on and start to bundle it and tie it all the way down the riser pole.
The wind continues to howl.

Just in time three more people show up to help. I knew we were going to need them.
We lift the riser pole into place. We start to unwind the rope tying the tepee and wrap it around the side the wind is coming from. A gust catches it and we all feel the power of the wind as it pushes the canvas and we watch as half of the poles slide towards the middle. I hang on to the riser pole and the other half of the canvas. If the unfurls I think the whole thing will be airborne.
Stakes go in quickly, the poles get moved back into place and we wrap the other side around. I have to lace the front backwards starting at the bottom, from the inside on a ladder as several people held the edges together to keep in all from moving. As soon as the lacing is done the wind blows smoothly around and the whole tepee feels very stable. We stake the rest of it down.

I know how stable from living in it last year on this very windy mountain. But putting it up in the wind....
we won't be doing that again.

*** These photos are from last year. We were so focused on not getting hurt no photos were taken. It too bad they would have been interesting. :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Long Journey Home

Long Journey Home
Available at Lancaster Art

I had a wonderful Easter. Great food, family and grand kids, lots and lots of them. Lots and lots of great nieces and nephews and chocolate ice cream.

My youngest grandson Jaxson on the right and my sisters youngest grandson Dylan trying to get his ice cream.

So he keeps it away from his cousin as it drips down his back.

This is how he will look with a mustache and beard.

Hope y'all all had a wonderful blessed Easter.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Fast Times

Solitary Journey

I finished this painting in the morning, had it listed after lunch and went for a ride on Missy.
It was sold before I finished my ride. Whew, that was fast!

I briefly think I wish they would all sell that fast, but come to my senses and realize if they did I would probably pressure myself to paint more and ride less losing that elusive balance I try to grasp hold of daily.

Missy was fast too. I haven't ridden her in a while, my grand daughter Terra usually rides her. I used a snaffle bit instead of the usual hackmore to gear up for ponying Miami. I was trying to slow her some as my experience with ponying has been Missy going at a fast trot while Miami wants to walk. They are trying to make my arms longer I think. She still went fast and we had  great ride. The other four were racing up and down the fence in the adjoining pasture so all five got exercised. I'll just ride her for an hour before trying the ponying again.

Tonka was also fast. After feeding the animals, people were standing around in groups talking. We have guests from out of town and Paula and her mom were still here. Tonka started racing around raising clouds of dust. We were kind of watching the show he was putting on. Then BANG he hits the top of the 5' garden fence and does a somersault in the air and lands in the garden. My heart goes up in my throat as he lays there for a minute. Paula and I open the gate and rush into the garden to see if he is hurt. He gets up obviously freaked out about what just happened and limping. He comes to me while Paula tries to check the hip he just landed on. He gives her a low growl and plops that hip down in my lap. He was fine but got baby aspirin anyway for good measure.