Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The dichotomy in my life is very obvious some days living here with the elderly parents and dealing with their rental property business.
Yesterday it was a meth lab. Yikes! The drug task force arrested a young couple who had been in this house just a couple of weeks with a nine month old baby. WTF are people thinking.
I spent the morning going into the contaminated house with the yellow sticker on the door and seeing the results of a small fire. I put up the eviction notice as they broke the drug policy in the rental agreement. Then I called the lawyer and tried to find out what are legal responsibilities are as far as clean up and decontamination, they didn't know. Next was the sheriff's office and DTF. I finally found out that the house had been released due to low contamination levels as it was a "one burner operation" as they called it, plus I guess they hadn't been there long. So it wasn't going to cost us $5,000 to get it cleaned up, whew. Next was the young woman's grand mother who was going to move her out as she is in jail. She was trying to get the baby out of foster care. This part was heartbreaking. I took her a key.
By this time it was after three and I still hadn't even started on what I planned to do plus I was stressed out
from all the drama. I take the rest of the day off.

I go to the barn and saddle my grand daughter's mustang Flash. I relaxed as soon as put my foot in the stirrup. We ride for almost two hours. I unsaddle Flash and groom the mares. As I brush off the piles of hair that fall to the ground I think about how the dichotomy in my life, the zen and the drama, remind me of this painting of Yin Yang Horses. Thank God for my horses.

Yin Yang horses is an 8x8  gallery wrap canvas available at Lancaster Art.

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