Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dreams of Flying and Healthy Horses

Dreams of Flying
11 x 14
Available at Lancaster Art

I am having dreams of flying and riding but spending day after day working on the barn.
I got the grazing muzzles for the horses and they look and smell awful. Good as grazing muzzles go but awful to wear. The rubber disks at the bottom are the source of the horrid smell so strong I can smell them as they sit in here to get color coded for each of the five horses.
I wonder how much resistance I'll get from the herd.

Tomorrow I will be able close them all in to eat and get their grazing muzzles on before being let out to graze.
The pasture has started to turn green overnight after a early spring rain.

Spring grass can cause founder in horses. Some are more susceptible. Horses that have foundered before, (I have one of those) older horses (there are two over 25) and overweight horses (there is one). The other one, the paint Miami gets sunburned and will have to be in the barn all day.
Gee what a group.
This time of year worries me for good reason and motivates me to work like a mad woman to be able to have a little more control over the food intake of these ponies.
Last year I kept them in a dry lot and let them out for short periods gradually increasing time on the pasture. Not only was it a full time job of moving horses there were some that caught on and didn't want to play.

I may have unhappy horses, but hopefully heathy ones.


  1. Plus haut que la lune et les étoiles... beau rêve...belle toile.

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  3. Patricia, Thanks so much for the follow. I hope you continue to enjoy my blog. I'm headed over to yours now.