Friday, April 2, 2010

Fast Times

Solitary Journey

I finished this painting in the morning, had it listed after lunch and went for a ride on Missy.
It was sold before I finished my ride. Whew, that was fast!

I briefly think I wish they would all sell that fast, but come to my senses and realize if they did I would probably pressure myself to paint more and ride less losing that elusive balance I try to grasp hold of daily.

Missy was fast too. I haven't ridden her in a while, my grand daughter Terra usually rides her. I used a snaffle bit instead of the usual hackmore to gear up for ponying Miami. I was trying to slow her some as my experience with ponying has been Missy going at a fast trot while Miami wants to walk. They are trying to make my arms longer I think. She still went fast and we had  great ride. The other four were racing up and down the fence in the adjoining pasture so all five got exercised. I'll just ride her for an hour before trying the ponying again.

Tonka was also fast. After feeding the animals, people were standing around in groups talking. We have guests from out of town and Paula and her mom were still here. Tonka started racing around raising clouds of dust. We were kind of watching the show he was putting on. Then BANG he hits the top of the 5' garden fence and does a somersault in the air and lands in the garden. My heart goes up in my throat as he lays there for a minute. Paula and I open the gate and rush into the garden to see if he is hurt. He gets up obviously freaked out about what just happened and limping. He comes to me while Paula tries to check the hip he just landed on. He gives her a low growl and plops that hip down in my lap. He was fine but got baby aspirin anyway for good measure.


  1. Très belle peinture qui vous apporte une certaine sérénité et une plénitude tellement agréable. Merci de nous la montrer.

  2. Martine, Thanks For your lovely comment. Happy Easter! Diana

  3. Well done on all these sales Diana! This is a beautiful painting.

    In reading your last post you said something about 'floating the horses teeth'! That sounds awful! What on earth does it mean. And something else that's always bothered me - why do you have to use a bit on a horse? I think they are awful and know I wouldn't like a bit of metal stuck down on my tongue!!

  4. Liz, Floating their teeth files them down level to keep sharp points off. It helps them chew better as it gives them a flatter suface and the bits are more comfortable. Their teeth continue to grow all their lives. They are drugged when this is done. And it looks awful.
    I don't like to use bits especially when the kids ride. On my older mare I usually use a hackmore which is a bitless bridle. Bits give you more control if you need it. My green broke youngster has a bit but neck reins. She responds to the feel of the reins on her neck so the bit is only there for if doesn't listen. She'll go to a hackmore eventually. I use copper bits which taste good and makes her salivate so her mouth doesn't dry out.