Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Re-homing Corky

I've been having some trouble with my dogs lately chasing my neighbor's baby donkeys. It is a very bad thing to have your dogs after someones livestock. I know I've had dogs coming up after my chickens, but Tonka has been able to keep them run off.
Corky would get the donkey chasing game started then Tonka would get in on it.

Corky came to me a year and a half ago after being abandoned at one of our rent houses with two puppies. She had obvious signs of abuse. I couldn't get her and the pups in a shelter so I brought them home. I gave the pups away and worked on training her as much as I could. She wiry and not very smart. The kick she took in the head from one of the horses nearly killed her and did nothing to improve her mental abilities. She switched from chasing horses to donkeys.


Tonka is just a little over a year old and about ninety pounds. He is still an impressionable young boy. I have worried allot about her bad influence on him. She is not very obedient and he must be. He must also stay within the boundaries of the farm.

My daughter and grand daughter wanted a dog so it seemed a great idea to send Corky to live with them. She is somewhat trained and will make a better house pet than a farm dog. I have wanted to re home her but needed to know she would be well cared for and happy.

Tonka and I both miss her already but she will come back for 4 days every other week when Terra comes to stay with me.

He is more focused so his training should go better.

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