Thursday, December 31, 2009

Finding My Compass and Direction

The Dancing Sky
In my insane cleaning ritual I located my compass… my desk drawer.

No wonder I couldn't find it when out on the trail. It certainly wasn’t close to my pack.

Half filling a sketchbook with ideas for new work and possibly a new series, I drew and imagined and drew some more. I contemplate women and myth and the wildness in my heart. The sketches do not impress or excite me.

On Christmas day I sold all the rest of the primitive ponies, the last three small ones and a triptych.

I look again through my sketchbook. The sketches that do stand out are the spirit horses.

I take out my newly found compass and contemplate my direction.

My young paint horse Miami is now green broke and will continue to need a lot of riding and training.

I decide to paint horses and ride paint horses.

How easy is that?

I put the compass in my pack.

Hoping your New Year is filled with peace, prosperity and joy.


  1. Oh Wow! Your paintings are beautiful!

  2. KaHolly, Thanks so much. Keep watching or new work.