Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Portraits

Been busy getting ready for the Holidays for my family and other families. I did a pastel portrait of a lovely child Hudson. This will be a much treasured gift for his daddy. I know he will be thrilled.

I have started the charcoal portrait of theses two adorable children for one of my favorite collectors Meredith.This portrait will be fabulous, I can already tell. I love the effect of using the black and white charcoal on grey paper. It gives it so much more depth than just black on white paper.

I have time to do one more and get it out in time for Christmas and yes I do dogs.

They make such wonderful heartfelt gifts.
You can find the order info here for the pastels and here for the charcoal portraits. And they are life-size.

My sale is still going on until the 18th at Lancaster Art. Take advantage of these low prices on sale items and free shipping on everything else.


  1. Diana these portraits (people and pets) are just fabulous! They WILL be treasured forever, I have no doubt.

  2. Thanks Elizabeth. I have just written a post about quiting. The really good part about the portraits is they bring so much joy to families.