Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Starting the Winter Solstice Ritual

The solstice is approaching; I feel it in my soul. It’s time to shift gears. Its time for change, regrouping and clearing. My space, my mind, everything. I start with a determination to make some Zen out of this chaos. It’s a ritual go though at some level every year.

I’m not sure why the mark in time affects me so drastically. Being freelance all my life has left me to my own devices as far a time goes. Or maybe it is something deeper that resonates beyond the artificial twenty first century world I reside in.

The commissions are finished, the gifts purchased and wrapped and the daily trips to the post office to ship paintings are over. I feel burnt out. I can no longer work in this chaos. I am determined to go through everything.

I start in the office. I clean and reorganize. I work all day moving, tossing, sorting and labeling. It looks like a tornado went through. I don’t get finished.

The phone rings. I don’t answer it. It’s a message from one of my three remaining galleries. They are closing and I need to pick up my work. Sh*t.

This is so not helping.

That’s the third one this year. And a big part of the problem in the studio.

The other is I am living in here with a giant puppy until the spring equinox when we can move back into the tepee.

I start back in the office.


  1. OMG - I guess I'm not the only one going through this. I'm still stumbling around ... trying to find a direction.

  2. Felicia, It happens to me every year to some degree. Somehow all this mind numbing cleaning and reorganizing gets me focused.