Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Scary not so Merry Christmas

I had a very quiet Christmas. We expected snow but only got a dusting. The north wind was howling.

A scary thing:

Dad got out in his electric wheelchair to take his dog out barefoot and in shorts. It was 18 with the wind chill. His battery went dead. Luckily someone found him quickly. He did not have his cell phone with him (again).

The flu thing:

All the people here have been sick except Dad. I am on the road to recovery but not completely well and decided not to go to the family gathering. We urged everyone to stay away from our house. I was sorry I didn’t get to spend Christmas with the grandkiddies.

The Food:

We did not do the soup/spam thing but I don’t think it would have made much difference if we had. We had a big meal and no one ate much. I did most of the cooking and all of the cleaning as I am the least sick. We won’t have to cook again for days.

Another scary thing:

My niece was hospitalized for a week last month for a kidney infection. She ended up spending Christmas day and much of the night at the ER. Family members took turns sitting with her and watching her toddler. They released her and said it was not her kidneys. We are all very relieved and thankful about that. She has to go back Monday for more tests.

The good thing:

I have more gifts to open later today.

I hope everyone had a Merrier Christmas and for us there is always next year.


  1. That's terrible! I'm so sorry your Christmas wasn't full of more joy and good health.

  2. Thanks Megan. We've had an usually bad flu season here. Glad we are starting a new year!