Sunday, December 6, 2009

Stupid is as Stupid Does


I could blame this action of mine on a senior moment but the truth be told I have always had these lapses in reason especially when it came to numbers, zeros and decimal points.
The artist in me? Maybe, maybe not.
I needed a different snaffle bit for my young horse Miami. Looked around some and went to ebay. I found just what I wanted and the bid was very low so I placed a bid. $3.25 All good so far. I looked at the sellers other items as they were cleaning out their tack room. There was a nice bridle and I needed another one of those so I bid on it. Then I saw the reins. I had just purchased a new set and didn't really need them but thought what the heck I'll place a small bid and if I get them for seven bucks, yeah. So I placed my bid. Later I went back to see if anyone had out bid me.
And there it was, my high bid: Bit-$3.25 Bridle- $8.50 Reins $701.00
What? Seven hundred freakin dollars! And then the bidding started. Bids and bids and more bids. Needless to say no one bid over seven freakin hundred but it did go over thirty which is very high. I just bought a new pair for $28. Well crap.
I put my big girls panties on, quit whining and paid for it.
The new set of reins has never been out of the bag so I'll  take them back. And the moral of the story is....


  1. Oh my gosh but those were a rather expensive mistake! Handle them with the utmost care and make them last for the rest of your life!

    Sundance Journey is a very beautiful work of art.

  2. Liz,
    If I only had a brain or someone to sit on my shoulder and say "No don't do that". Coulda been worse like really havin to pay the $700.
    I find painting and drawing so easy and everything else so difficult.