Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tusdays With Tonka The Thanksgiving Story

Synco and Grandma both crossed the rainbow bridge the year before I was born. I heard a lot of stories about them both and feel like I knew them. I wish I would have.

Grandma was in the nursing home four years before her passing at 95. Synco and mom went to stay with her every night. Grandma loved Synco very much and Synco felt the same way about Grandma. Grandma would feed him ice cream off a spoon and Synco a 130 pound wolf would crawl into bed with Grandma every night until she went to sleep. Everyone thought he was an angel, but mom told me he was a thief. It was just the wolf I him.

And that brings us back around to the Thanksgiving story.

The whole family was gathered up for Thanksgiving Day.

The house was full of people. There were lots of kids and a bunch of dogs following the kids waiting for a handout. And then there was Synco cruising the tables of food right at nose level. Football was on and chaos was reigning. Grandma was in the living room in her wheelchair. Close byin the dining room a large table was set up with a huge turkey and right next to it an equally large ham. The family was standing in a line that curled around the table. Synco eyes the ham. His favorite. He weaves his way through the people, works his way to the table and in a flash snatches the whole ham. He makes a run for it, straight to Grandma. We all knew in that instant that if he made to Grandma he would get to eat that whole ham. One of the girls, the fast one, intercepts the wolf, grabs the huge ham out of his mouth and tosses it back on the table in one fluid movement. The crowd went wild. Grandma laughed until tears streamed down her face. Everyone agreed it was better than the game.

That’s the way I heard it anyway.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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