Monday, November 30, 2009


   I love this time of year. The leaves are off the trees except this one flaming beauty at the pond. The hills look like they have been stroked with a soft brush loaded with blues and sienna. The deer have changed to a darker color  and are well disguised as they walk through the forest. The north and the south wind continue to fight but the north wind is winning now dropping the temperatures more after each encounter. The shorter days make the chickens want to get fed and to bed much earlier. The garden is put to rest with the vegetables put up for winter use. The hay is stacked in the new barn for the horses.I find myself as usual sleeping an hour longer falling into the natural rhythm of the season. It is a time of year that brings about allot of reflection and gratitude for the last year.
   This is also a busy time of year with all the shopping and preparations for the holidays. For us artists and crafters we are working doubly hard in our shops and studios just like Santa's little elves. Take a cue from mother nature and try to get a little more rest. Enjoy this beautiful season.
                       The sale continues at Lancaster Art.

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