Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesdays With Tonka

We had a very good week. Mom was working on the new pony palace but took time out to take me hiking. I got to wear my backpack just for practice. We hiked along the river. The water was loud and fast so I didn't go swimming. The leaves were all colored like the paint mom gets out of the tube. I had my leash on but still caught a chipmunk.  Mom made me put it down. It sure looked cute running off to the bluff all wet and slobbery. I found a very big bone. I got to carry it home in my pack and I am having fun with it.

Like my new collar?
The nice humans at Rogue Collars made it for me. I think it makes me look handsome.
And now I'm a model for for Rogue Collars on facebook and etsy.
Mom told me I was a working dog and I was getting old enough to start working.
I think male model is the job I like.


  1. Thanks so much for posting about my collars! Tonka is soo handsome!! :)

  2. Thanks for fulfilling Tonka's dream job as a model. He loves his collar.