Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Great Big Sale

The Birthday Holiday Etsy Free Shipping Sale
 I moved out of the tepee and back in the studio less than a month ago and already I'm feeling claustrophobic.
Two galleries have closed this year. I have ended up with so much work and so little space I decided to have a sale. I listed some things on clearance and they sold. Listed a few more and more sold. I put 24 more paintings and prints on sale and will continue to add more throughout the sale.
Then I read about the Etsy Holiday Sale for black Friday weekend. And the free shipping weekend. So what the heck. I'll have free shipping on everything that is not on sale and run the sale until my birthday Dec. 18th.

Some of this is work I did quite some time ago with a few recent paintings mixed in. Many are framed. Prices are 25-50% off. If it's not on sale the shipping is free.
         Come take a look around for amazing bargains Lancaster Art

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