Sunday, January 24, 2010


Lightning on Horse
available here

I say something. I get a look.
"That is just what I was going to say."
The phone rings.
 "Of coarse  it's you. I have been thinking of you all day and was just going to call you."
I go to talk to someone.
They ask how I knew they wanted to see me.

My friend comes to visit. We stand at the fence and pet the horses.
 She asked "Do you worry about lightning?"
I think about my latest painting Lightning on Horse.
She goes on "My brother-in-law lost two of his horses to lightning."
We have lots of lightning strikes on this mountain and I do worry. I turn to Miami and tell her to stay in the barn during storms.
I didn't show my friend about the painting but now wish I had.

Anyway it happened all week over and over again. The synchronicity that is.
 It makes people think I can read their minds.
 The truth is I'm just bumbling along.

This is usual, but not consistent like it has been this week.

And my sales.....

So I feel very blessed.

And humbled.

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