Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Horses and Helicopters

Flash of Color
8x8 available here

I got jolted out of bed by the sound of helicopters. Dreams of Apocalypse Now and the thought of napalm in the morning followed closely by the thought of my horses, especially the BLM mustang who at some point in his young life was herded up and traumatized by helicopters.
The seismic testing for natural gas has been going on for over a year along with drilling, pipelines etc. Although it has done allot for our local economy it has been annoying. This last round has been worse. The testing they are doing involves cables all over and even more blasting. The helicopters are used to drop big bundles of cable and equipment all over our pastures and all around us.
The wind was bowing forty miles an hour and the horses freaked out as the orange bag swung over where they were quietly grazing.

He is the leader of our little herd, the BLM mustang and mad.

Today I was more nervous about their safety as cables are everywhere. The copters started up again and flew close. They just watched from a safe distance without tearing around the pasture.
Blasting will start sometime this week. By theory they will call me so I can shut off the south pasture, but I don't trust that will happen. I will shut it off today.


  1. Oh I do so feel for you having your tranquil life shattered by blasting and noisy helicopters. Noise is understandable in town or city, but not in the country! Hopefully they find nothing and go away.

    Love the painting - you captured that speed of this beautiful animal perfectly.

  2. Liz, Usually the biggest excitement we have is the neighbors getting new livestock. :)
    They have been drilling alot and I'm guessing they want to drill even more.
    Thanks, Miami is a sweetheart and a speed demon.