Friday, January 8, 2010

Creativity and Education

Shooting Star Horse


I went to 13 grade schools in various cities mostly in the east. When I started my secondary education it was in the backwoods of Arkansas where folks had just started getting indoor plumbing  and some of my teachers didn't have college degrees. By my senior year I was stuck in study hall four hours a day just because I had already taken all the classes.

I would put my books in my locker, forget the combination and still maintain a B average. I never thought my lack of education hurt me much but as I listened to this speech I realized that four years left to my own devices and imagination may have been a huge advantage for me. I was selling my art before I got out.

The downside (and there always is one) is I can't speel (thank God for spellcheck!) and I can barely string three words together to make sense or a sentence.

But as the great philosopher Paul Simon said "My lack of education never hurt me none, I can still read the writing on the wall."

This talk by Sir Ken Robinson is eye opening. Although it is 20 minutes long it's funny and enlightening.

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