Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Two Hearts, One Spirit

Two Hearts, One Spirit


The feeling of getting a real connection with one of your friends Equine is Nothing less than magical. I think the magic is flowing through this painting.

Spent a peaceful day at the barn  trying to finish up the stalls. The weather was pleasant, music on the radio and lots of company. The mares were with me as well as my dog Tonka, and various cats and chickens. A wonderful day.

I am thrilled receive Happy 101 to the Blogger Award.

A great big hug and thanks to Martine!
Check Out Her Blog wonderful paintings and fabulous here.

Here Is The Process to this award ...

- Pass the "torch" to 10 wonderful bloggers...

- Attach this trophy on my blog.

It Is Difficult to make a choice Among all the bloggers I know. You all deserve all this trophy ...

Felicia has over Another Bright Idea for all your lovely work and fun charades games.

Elizabeth your collage Always make me smile. You can see 'em at  Elizabeth Seaver Fine Art.

Kimberly your dog paintings and compassion are tops. Check out Painting A Dog A Day.

Bowsweet You Have the cutest babies.

I Always looks forward to new posts from A Year With Horses

Lauren your work is beautiful and so is your new daughter. Look at this wonderful work has Lauren Alexander Art.

Juli I love reading about your country life at Barefoot Gypsy Blog.

Jay Will Represent the male out here.Check out his lovely candle holders (my favorites) and his other woodwork at  Hand Crafted Woodworks jn3.

Pretty purses and a very entertaining blog by Michelle at By Your Side

And last but Certainly not least ... your adorable always Mollimoo.


  1. Thank you so much! I am deeply honored.

  2. Comme toujours, très jolie cette peinture et alliance parfaite... Couleurs vous êtes au sommet!

  3. Thank you Martine! I just sold this one.