Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesdays with Tonka

Hi every every one. Mom said I could take over her blog on Tuesday because Miami has her own blog now. http://miami.nehorseblog.com/ She doesn't really type her trainer does it. She says Miami is real smart. Ha! I don't need no stinkin trainer.

Anyway on to the tail for today.

Mom was painting at the new barn on Sunday. I was watching her and giving her a few pointers. She got to the very bottom and jumped back. There was a copperhead that tried to bite her hand just under the wall. It was pretty cool or it might have got her. She's not near as fast as me and can't seem to smell much at all. She used her cell thingy and barked to uncle Bob. He came out directly with his gun but the copperhead was gone. Mom looked for it and so did I.

Mom usually makes us leave the crawly ones but this one she said may hurt the grand kids. ( She calls em that cause they are so grand. ) And maybe it was a momma snake and there would be more to hurt kiddos. So she was sad and worried.

The next day Mom was at the barn again playing with the sticks that are too big to throw. I was walking around the pasture smelling things. Oh what is that I bark to myself. It's the snake Mom doesn't like. I bark to Mom. I bark again. She sure is slow. But here she comes and sees it. And here comes Smokey. He is old and just has one eye. (They say a bobcat took the other. They should caught that cat and got it back. ) He can't hardy see or hear but knows about alot of cool stuff. Mom tells us to back up and barks on the celly thing again. Uncle Bob comes out with his gun and make a loud noise. Mom gets a littler stick and picks it up and tells me I am good boy for finding the scary snake. She cuts it's head off cause it could still bite. It bit the poor stick. She gave the rest of it to me to play with. It tasted funny but much better than the doormat I ate for breakfast.

Oh Mom said to tell yall we are having a giveaway so keep watching. I don't know what a giveaway is but hope it involves cookies.

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