Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another Day In Paradise

Flaxen Mane Flying

Yesterday I had a one of those days. Couldn't find anything I needed. Equipment did't work right or just broke when I touched it. By early afternoon I had gotten nothing accomplished.
 I’m getting really frustrated so….
I saddle up my mare Missy and go for a ride.  I mount the sorrel quarter horse. My tension starts to melt away in seconds. Listen to the sound of her hoof beats  we pass thru the corral into the upper pasture. Tonka trots behind us. The hills are blazing with color in the golden afternoon sun. I can see the blue misty mountains in the distance from the high pasture. A hawk cries and circles overhead. I breathe slowly and in rhythm with the rocking of her gait. We get near the top and start a slow trot. The horses in the lower pasture can see us now and one whinnies. They take off at a gallop. White, black and bay with manes and tails flying in the wind, heaven.
 Slowly we head back down the hill. It's feeding time. I thank her.

I would like to know how you get your zen back after one of those days.

Please leave a comment and share your relaxation technique with us.

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