Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finding My Muse

The Dancing Sky
I've been asking for help from my spirit guides after starting the book Seeing in the Dark by Colleen Deatsman and Paul Bowersox.
It is a book full of shamanic exercises for among other things restoring balance. Balance is somethng I have struggled with since moving in with elderly parents a few years back. (Dementia sucks.) It seems to be helping me finding my muse and hopefully I'll find that elusive balance.
I am directed to continue with the spirit horse series. The ideas, well visions are just flowing. The Dancing Sky really rolled out even with constant interuptions I get while in the studio.(sigh)
After two days off playing with the grandkids I'm raring to go on the blue horses that are barely started. They already look interesting. Now just to get them to match the visions of sugar plums I have in my head.


  1. This Dancing Sky is lovely Diana. Your work seems to be greatly influenced by indigenous paintings from the past - there's almost a reminder of our Bushman art in this one.

  2. Liz, I am greatly influenced by the ancient images of horses and by my three horses. They are powerful and lovely spirits.