Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday with Tonka

This is my very first Halloween and I'm so excited! My favorite grand spent the weekend with us.
 We were hanging out at the barn and I asked her "Terra what is Halloween anyway?" "Well Tonka" she answered, "Halloween is about trick or treat." "Oh Terra I know about tricks and treats! That's when I roll over and Mom gives me a cookie." "No Tonka not exactly like that. It's about scary stuff too like spiders. "I eat spiders." I bark. "I know Tonka I just saw you eat a grand daddy long legs. It's about cats."

"Ruff, I love cats. Here kitty,kitty."

"Black cats."
"Goody, we have black cats."

"Boo! Did I scare you?" She didn't scare me.I'm a big boy. Well maybe just a little.
So we played with the cats and fed the horses.
Later I asked again. "Terra, tell me more about this Halloween stuff."
"OK Tonka. You have to act scary."
"Like this?" "You need a costume.I know we'll make you a cape and you can be Dracula bunny. No you can't eat your cape. Be scary."

"Like this?" "Perfect!" she said. Perfect she said to me. Maybe I am a good dog. Maybe she has forgotten why Oliver has to always be a pirate. I didn't mean to eat his eye. It was an accident. Maybe I should be a pirate.


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