Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dinner and a Show

I was sitting last night having dinner minding my own business. My step brother came in and said there is a problem with one of the bulls. Then he said, "You know the green plastic chair we had down at the pond.

Nuff said.

I leave my half eaten dinner and head for the pasture.

I bust out laughing when I saw T-bone. Here is a pretty good size bull calf with his head sticking through the arm rest of this molded plastic lawn chair, his nose pressed against the seat.

I go get a bucket of feed ( my answer to everything) and pour it in the trough.

T-bone wasn't able to eat for the chair being in his way, but I was able to grab ahold of the chair legs. My plan was to gently push it up and try to slide it over his horns. His plan was to throw his head up and spin around. I didn't see any point in hanging on too long. We repeated this one time and decided not to play like this anymore.

The calf been fed only an hour before and it was almost completely dark so I left him and hoped it was off by morning. It was. Happily we had no rodeo today. Sadly it was too dark to take pictures and my dinner got cold.

I know your asking right about now what the horses are doing during all this.

All five were lined up quietly at the fence watching. Well not entirely quietly. I heard some whispers, shh... let's listen.

What is the servant doing?
Stop laughing.

Is that some sort of cow saddle?

I hope she doesn't think she is going to do that to me.

I think they call that reining.

But where is she trying to sit?

That's not reining.

Those humans sure are funny.
Those cows sure are funny.

T-bone is the calf in the Mad Cow painting. I did this mixed media art with apparently some sort of premonition. I found him the next morning bawling his head off, trapped between the round pen, a fence and a shed. He was mad then, but not as mad as he was this time.

Mad Cow is a 11" x 14 " mixed media painting for sale for $40 on my etsy shop lancasterart.

Remember a portion of all sales goes to the feed store.