Friday, March 6, 2009

My Grandaugher's Painting "The Queen" is Chosen for State Competition

"The Queen"

My nine year old granddaughter has been blessed/cursed with the same artistic talent/ eccentricity that I have. She faces alot of difficulty with structure, will only wear flip-flops or boots, and sees vivid pictures in her mind. My daughter tells every one that it is like raising her mom. She carefully guards Terra's creative spirit. Every year she goes to the school to explain to the teacher how to best deal with this sweet, unusual child.

After winning first place in her first art show last summer she was excited about the statewide art competition at her school. Terra came for the weekend to do her painting. She has the advantage of professional brushes and paint when she works in my studio. Plus she has me advising her on how to use theses materials.
After having a bit of trouble deciding on the subject she settled on my cat Shirley, who she calls Queen Shirley.
She had a picture in her mind. She took a few reference photos with my camera and knew she had exactly what she wanted.
The first day she got in the zone easily and got alot done on her painting. The second day she struggled but was able to push through and finish her art "The Queen".
The painting won the 3rd grade school competition and now is going to the statewide art competition.

So keep your fingers crossed.


  1. Saundra, Thanks! We are still waiting to see how she has done in state.