Sunday, February 22, 2009

Waiting For My New Toys and Paintings on Canvas Paper

I ordered a massive amount of art supplies from and turned around and busted the handle off my canvas pliers the very next day. I had to place another order with more shipping charges.
The canvas pliers were at least 25 years old. I was beginning to think they would last forever,but I guess not.
I am waiting for all my new toys to arrive and not all that patiently. I should be working on my website but painting is so much more fun.
I have pulled out some canvas paper I bought at Hobby Lobby on clearance. The first few paintings I did on this went straight into the wood stove . It is not like painting on canvas or paper. It seemed to suck the moisture out of the paint. Wetting the surface didn't work either. I started adding some slow dry medium to the paint and things started going much better.
Blue Rider is a study for the Spirit Horse series. I really like the feel of this 9x12 study. I hope it will translate into a bigger painting. I'll have this one posted for sale soon, but y'all get to see it here first.
Beach Bliss is a small festive painting in aqua. It is for sale for only $25 in my etsy shop lancasterart
Beach Bliss is from the same sketch as a painting I did called Jubilee. When I took Jubilee to a gallery, the owner just hated it. He took it anyway and sold it that week. I started trying to choose work for his gallery that I thought he would not like. The paintings he likes he NEVER sells. This new strategy worked very well and I increased my sales dramatically. Go figure.

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