Friday, May 7, 2010

Light Horse Painting Equine Energy

Light Horse
Available at Lancaster Art

The spirit of the horse shown as dancing multi colored lights illuminate this powerful spirit horse. Light Horse dances with rainbow colors on a deep purple background.

This brightly colored and deeply textured original 8" x 10" gallery wrap canvas painting is about the spirit, energy and color of the magnificent horse.

I have been riding my paint horse Miami. Our connection continues to grow with each ride. Her training has been a long and beautiful and bumpy road. After breaking my back and wrist getting thrown by another horse when Miami was two I have had allot of fear to overcome.
She was sent to one trainer that did not work with her much and did not have the skills to get her where she needed to be for me to ride her. I bought Missy to help me with my confidence and finally found another trainer. After waiting for Miami's sunburn to heal she went early in the fall.
 Elise is a petite gentle trainer and did a fabulous job with her. NE Horse Training is located in Conway, Ar. Riding her this spring I am still impressed with all Elise accomplished with her.
Miami deserves allot of credit also. She was known as the "smart horse" at the stable and has a calm cooperative demeaner. Of course the four years of ground work we did, didn't hurt either.


  1. l'amour du cheval vous tient et plus fort que la peur... Bravo et bravo pour cette jolie peinture. Je l'aime beaucoup, amicalement

  2. Martine, I try to focus on the love and trust I have in her each time ride. Each time it gets easier. The more I relax the more fun we have. Thanks so much!