Monday, May 17, 2010

A Gentle Hand

A Gentle Hand
Available at Lancaster Art

Having the horses in grazing muzzles this spring has given me some surprising results.
 All five have been very humbled. They are every one more quiet and cooperative than I've ever seen them. It has been to wet too ride but I continue to saddle the youngster Miami and leave her tied for several hours a day. Hopefully it will be dry enough to ride tomorrow.

I took Tonka hiking by the lake and to the marina to help him with his social skills. We had a mile long trail down to the lake. He had 8 pounds in his pack this time and carried it well. At the marina there were quite a few people. With women and kids he was great. One man petted him and he did fine. Another tried to and he growled at him. He seems to be as person specific when he comes to men as my late wolf Synco. Not that that is a terrible thing. I trusted Synco to be a good judge of character and I hope Tonka is as well.

We hiked on around the campgrounds and ended up hurrying out as a fierce afternoon storm was moving in. We made the mile trek uphill very quickly and were both panting by the time we got back to the car just as the rain and lightning started.


  1. Il a vraiment une bonne bouille ce toutou! Les animaux ressentent les bons et les mauvaises personnes...
    Adorable cette peinture avec la main douce... vous avez dompté le cheval... Beau symbole.

  2. Yes Martine I agree they are usually very good judges of people.
    I try to be super gentle with my horses but when they make a mistake (if they know better) I am quick to disipline them. The trick is to instantly go back to the gentleness and never hold a grudge.
    They are n our hands.