Saturday, May 8, 2010

As the Wind Blows

On this mountain the wind blows allot. It is usually cool at night and breezy which makes for nice sleeping in the tepee.
Last night the winds were very strong and gusty. Tonka and I headed up to the tepee in the cool north wind. It felt like a storm was moving in but the stars were shining brightly in a clear sky. We get in the tepee and are greeted by a lone firefly. I catch it and let it go outside.
Inside it is cool but the wind is blocked. I start a small fire. It lights up the interior of the tepee and makes it very cozy. Tonka has been sleeping between the tepee and the liner but decides to sleep on the bed with me. I am glad as it is definately a one dog night. It'll be cold by daylight.
I lay in bed and listen to the gusts of wind. The tepee is very stable but neither quiet or still. It rocks and flaps as the wind rolls around it. The stronger gusts even rock the bed. It feels like I am in an ocean of air. The poles creak and where the liner meets by the door keeps blowing back. I set a chair in front of it, it stills it and keeps the wind from coming in.
As the fire dies down Tonka stretches out beside me. I hear a whinny in the distance.
I fall asleep and dream of horses on the plains.


  1. Wonderful Diana! A perfect life.

  2. Liz, Some moments are perfect. They carry me though all those moments that are way less than perfect. :)