Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Surprises and Secrets

I had one of my longtime customers emailed me about how much she liked one of my paintings. A few minutes later it sold. I almost emailed her and thanked her for her purchase but I noticed it was her husbands email not hers.
 And I got to thinking....
Gosh that thinking stuff comes in handy sometimes.
So instead I just thanked her for liking it.
Sure enough I heard from him and it was a surprise. Whew, that was close.

I have been involved in many surprises and secrets over all the years I have been an artist. Many of them have been from husbands.

One time I  had to call a husband and had his wife answer the phone. She was suspicious of a woman she didn't know wanting to talk to her husband.
 "Who are you and why do you want to speak to him?"
I could hear the fear and sharpness in her voice but did not want to spill the beans or cause any problems.
I had to think fast and answer very carefully.
Her husband had commissioned me to do a portrait of their children
"Your anniversary is coming up and I can't say anything else. You don't want to spoil the surprise do you?"
I could hear a big sigh and I swear a smile.
 She softly said "No, I'll get him for you."
In this case I said just enough to keep a smile on her face for the weeks leading up to her anniversary and still keep it a big secret.
And most importantly she wasn't worried.
She cried and was totally surprised when she received this very thoughtful gift.
Being an artist is tricky sometimes.

***Update on Missy***
She is feeling much better.


  1. you get the 'thinking on your feet award'. Graciousness, personified.

  2. Thanks for the nice compliment Mary. (blush)