Monday, February 22, 2010

Heavenly Gold and My Heavenly Horse Missy

Heavenly Gold

The spirit horses keep traveling across the sky while my heavenly mare Missy is not feeling well.
Missy is an amazing horse. The grand kids love riding and spoiling her. She very trustworthy, calm and has allot of get up and go especially for her 26 years.
Last winter she did so poorly I had my doubts about her making through another year. But she has done great until the last few days and it seems her arthritis has kicked in with a vengeance.
 She has ulcers along with arthritis. She gets  two daily medications and three supplements. I thought I had everything balanced out and going well for her and now.....I just don't know.
I put liniment on all her leg joints last night and increased her pain meds. This morning she was still not moving like she should be and seemed to still be in some pain. The cool damp weather is not helping.
I'm heading out to check on her again and tell her to hang in there for a few more weeks.


  1. What a superb painting! And poor Misty! Arthritis is not fun - I find our Katie dog loves to have her wonky leg massaged, so it seems to be the best thing you can keep doing.

    By the way, also loved the close up painting you did of the horse's face - so soft and beautiful and gentle, which is exactly what a horse is!

  2. Thanks Liz. Missy seemed a little better last night. Be sure and check out the other paintings at the virtual pARTy.

  3. sending beautiful healing thoughts to Missy. Your love for your animals resonates with me.

  4. Thanks Mary. The critters are so precious to me.