Monday, February 15, 2010

Dark Sun and MORE Snow

Dark Sun
5x5 canvas available at Lancaster Art

This adorable painting is one of the beautiful horses featured at The Raven's Caw.

It's snowing again here today.
It's getting harder for me to drag myself out in the morning to feed the horses.
They are cheering me on....
or trying to hurry me along.

It's frostbit fingers, frozen water, grouchy horses and hyperactive dogs.

What happened to our average 50 degree temps?
Did someone move the mason dixon line?
This is like living in Canada without the health care.

Felicia over at Another Bright Idea is having I'd Rather be in Hawaii Week. Just thinking about a sunny beach without snow warms me up. (Or maybe it's this heater sitting under my desk.)
And bathing suits, remember those?
 I may just have mine on under these 14 layers of clothes.


  1. I'm with you - I'm sitting here right now and I'm so cold! Can't turn the heat up enough to keep me warm. SO I'm really enjoying my Hawaii week - and the artists have some great giveaways! I'm definitely going to plan a trip ... finally. Mahalo (thanks)!!

  2. I'm enjoying your Hawaii week. I hope you are planning to go in the winter. Can you sqeeze me in your suitcase?