Monday, February 1, 2010

Selling Majestic and The Giveaway


Majestic has been listed as one of the choices for my giveaway. But I sold it.

My bad.

My reasons.

* A valued collector wanted to but it.
* I did another painting for the other chioce.
* I wanted to donate more to the Haiti relief.
* My horses went over budget again this month.

So I sold it, donated the money and had a little talk with the horses.

I did a new panting for the giveaway. It's fairly similar to Majestic.

The new painting is called Heavenly Breeze.
I hope yall like it as well.

When I reach 100 followers one of these ponies will be galloping to it's new home and I hope it's yours.
We are almost there so be sure and enter today.
To read all about the ways you can enter (and it's not hard) go here.