Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Dog DNR

Storm Horse

It's been a month now since Corky's accident. After she chased one of the horses and got kicked in the head. She died and was brought back with chest compressions. Her recovery has been amazing.
But she hasn't gotten any smarter or more obedient.

So Paula and I were standing at the fence and calling the horses in for dinner. They were over the hill and we couldn't see them. Tonka and Corky were out in the pasture. We heard the sound of hooves. The little white mare tops the hill at a gallop. I call the dogs. Tonka comes, but Corky turns to chase Dolly. We stand there horrified. Dolly gallops past her without incident and she turns back before the other four horses pass by.

I turn to Paula and say "if she gets kicked in the head again don't resuscitate her."

"You mean she has a DNR?"

"Yep that's right. I'll get her a little tag."

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