Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Weed Proof, Chicken Proof Garden / Art Installation Project

Or What Do You Do With All That Horse Sh*t My stepmother has always done the garden, but this year I took over. I had a couple of issues. One, I don't like to pull weeds and two is the free range chickens. I started out putting lots and lots of composted horse manure in piles. The chickens kindly spread it all out for me. When I put the six inches of straw over that I immediately covered it with ground cloth to keep the chicken crew from spreading that also. I weighted it all down with boards from an old fence we took down. It looked like a weird black checkerboard.
The parents were rolling their eyes. The little tiny plants could barley peek out when I put them in. But they did grow with no weeds and no chicken scratching. It was starting to look better until I decided to build some tomato cages. Depending totally on scrap material we had on hand my granddaughter and I built another art project. We used fencing scraps, lattice and zip ties. It looked hideous and we staked it all down.

Now the garden is looking fabulous as it has covered most of its interesting beginnings. The parents are rolling their eyes at the amount of veggies I bring in daily.

The first day of summer harvest. What a blessing.

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