Friday, May 22, 2009

Sunset Girls

Sunset Girls

16"x28" on wood panel



shipping $25

I spent a couple of years going to the nursing home every evening at dinner time. My grandmother was in her nineties. I would sit at the dinner table with her and several other women about her age. All the ladies had varying degrees of dementia and hearing problems. It made for lively and interesting dinner conversation.

After dinner was over and everyone got ready to head back to their rooms the conversation daily would turn to the location of their rooms. All my ladies lived in the west hall and at that time of day the sun would be setting. I would tell them they are the sunset girls and all the had to do was follow the sunset home.

This painting was inspired by the sunset girls. This painting goes beyond the physical. It's of the spirit of this delightful group of women. I could see them as the vibrant spirits they were and the equally vibrant women they were in their younger years.

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  1. Diana, This is beautiful. Just like your story! I had such a strong emotional reaction to it. I love it!