Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pastel Baby Portrait

With my spring projects about wrapped up I decide to go back to work. The universe kindly and quickly provides me with five portrait commissions, all children.
I find pastels to be a wonderful medium for children's portraits. Pastels convey the softness and luminosity of the skin tones so well. I like to work on a camel tan paper. The mid tones are already there and it makes a nice neutral background. The first portrait of this cute little guy I did a while back. Sadly it was lost in a fire. In the other portrait I did the hood in white, this time they ant it striped like the photo. I like it better and I think they will too.
After doing the sketch I start laying n flesh tones and establishing the values.

Then I work in more values add the eyes. If I don't have a good likeness by this point I start over.

Here I am getting close to being finished but the expression is not quite right. At this stage I let it sit for a day or two so I can get a fresh view.

A few more minutes and the corrections are made. I spray it with a fixative. This darkens the baby portrait slightly. An I'm finished with only four more to go. I'll have a busy week.

Portrait commissions available on my Etsy shop Lancaster Art :


  1. Wow! it looks just like the baby in the photo.
    You really captured it!
    And thanks for sharing your process.
    Also thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog.

  2. Hi
    Beautiful baby portrait. They look so similar, you are a great artist. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks yall. He is such a cute guy and fun to do!

  4. Wow, just beautiful, Diana!!

    Happy Creating

    ~ Dana Marie