Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Corky's Little Miracle

I don't know how it is with yall but any time one of my animals gets sick or hurt it is Friday after five o'clock. Corky's accident was no different. She was chasing the white mare as it galloped across the pasture. Next thing I knew the little terrier was paws up with glazed over eyes. One look and I just knew she was gone.
The little abandoned terrier I got last summer came with so many issues not to mention the two puppies. Not only was she starved, covered with fleas and totally untrained, she was very hyper and had been abused. We worked through a lot of her bad behavior but she had one remaining problem, she chased horses. Well only one horse, Dolly.
Luckily Paula was here when Corky got kicked in the head. She has spent a good bit of her life working as a vet tech. She picked the pup up and as she was doing chest compressions said"I think she is still alive". It didn't look good. She had two seizures the first hour then miraculously started responding to my voice. Although the vet was already gone he was able to call in some meds to pick up at the office.
She started showing signs of improvement the next morning. The second day she could sit up. Today she started walking. After our visit this morning the vet said she should make a full recovery.
We feel very blessed to still have her with us.


  1. What a miraculous story! I am so happy for you and for your pup. Do you suppose this will make Corky stop chasing horses? We can hope!

  2. Elizabeth, I hope she has learned not to chase the horses, but she may have no memory of the accident. For right now I have to keep her seperate from my very large puppy.