Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Feeding Horses in a Storm

Red Pyramid

The storms and tornadoes continue. Spending quality time in the cellar nearly every day. And the water OMG.

I have fed theses five horses through some weather but last night was the scariest feeding time I have ever seen. I waited and waited for the storm to ease up but it didn't so I went ahead and started with the wind howling, heavy rain and lightning. It looked like a hurricane. My old mare Missy wasn't bothered too much and went in her stall. I left the door open. The lightning would crack and the other horses were reluctant to come in the barn.

I waited some more. Missy finished eating.

The rain eased up. I decided to feed them all near the door and spread out the other four dishes and started them all at their own dish. A gust of wind would blow the rain in and they all spooked. I was focused on staying out of the way. They switched dishes.
Lightning would crackle, they spooked and went back to a different dish. Repeat. I tried to keep up with who was eating what but the constant spooking and moving in the dim light made it impossible. All the dishes got emptied but one and I picked it up and threw out the food. I would rather them have too little than one get too much. I practiced my dancing skills tring to dodge these fast and frequently moving horses.

Ready for some sunshine!!!


  1. J'ai peine à imaginer ce que vous subissez en ce moment avec la tempête... mais cela me semble terrible. Ici le printemps est bien installé et la douceur est survenue brusquement sans jamais repartir. Nous bénéficions même de températures estivales... le monde est étrange...
    Belle oeuvre à contempler, merci et gros bisous.

  2. Martine, We usually get spring storms but this is very unusual. Glad you are getting nice weather. Enjoy for me too. Hugs, Diana