Monday, April 11, 2011

How Not to Bury a Possum


My sis and I were hanging out in my little barn apartment the other night with her grandson. We noticed Tonka doing something in Missy's stall. We could see from my door as Missy's stall in right across the barn aisle from my stall.
 He was burying something which is not unusual at all, but it was taking him an awful long time. So we got to watching him and saw he was burying a possum. He'd get it all covered up and it would start moving. He then dug it back up, bit on it until it stopped moving and buried it again.
We started laughing.....
We laughed some more.
Not wanting the possums at the barn cause they can make the ponies sick I called my stepbrother to come and shoot it cause the playing possum act looked like it was working pretty well with Tonka.
He gets up there and I scoop the critter up with a shovel and carry it out back.
He shoots it and shoots it and shoots it.
How many lives and burials does this possum get???
After about ten shots it finally dies.
The neighbors are calling by now thinking we are having a gun battle.
Thinking burying him has already been done I cremate him.

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