Thursday, April 14, 2011

Peeling Apples Commission

I am working on a commission this week. I did a pastel of this photo a long time ago, like 15 years or better. The daughter of the lovely lady I did this for tracked me down and wanted another as her sis and her both wanted it after the loss of their mother.
We decided to do a painting this time. The subject is her great grandmother.
I love the photo and have been enjoying revisiting this grand lady.
At this point I am about halfway finished. The forms are starting to take shape but a whole lot of finishing left to do.

It would be going faster if the weather wasn't so perfect. I am spending every morning I can riding Miami so I don't even start working until after lunch. Rain is moving in tonight so that should speed up the painting. :)


  1. Showcases your versatility as a painter. I love it--without words sends you back to another, in my opinion better, time.

  2. Thanks Lulu. This is the type of work I did for many years. After years off to care for family members I changed and my work change, but I am still "the official family artist" of many families and they manage to track me down for new work.

  3. Naturally, I'm drawn to the horses. Not just for the subject matter but for your very talkative use of color. Still this really impressed me. For the subjects' family, it captures a person, but for the rest of us, it captures time itself.

  4. My friend, your talent never ceases to amaze me.