Friday, December 10, 2010

The Willie Nelson Concert

Woo Hoo! It was awesome! No zoom here yall I had the camera sitting right up there on the stage.
I don't hardly go to concerts or anywhere else for that matter any more. Don't like big crowds or driving in cities. I'm thinking sweet Willie knew that about me and played this very small sold out concert in Mountain Home Arkansas. There was only about 1000 people . Willie and the band were sooo good. He sang all my favorite songs and signed autographs after the show. When he sang "Me and Paul" he changed the lyric from "almost busted in Laredo" to "busted in Laredo". The crowd went absolutely wild.
This is from my seat.
Saw the infamous tour bus, but the security guys couldn't be bribed with a check. :(

Had a 60 mile trip through mountain roads to get home and saw more deer than cars, but didn't even hit one.


  1. This is a great picture of Willie to paint from!
    I love your portrait works by the way. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Peter. It's nice to see you back.