Thursday, December 30, 2010

5 Ways to Beat Creative Burnout

Suffering from creative burn out after the rush of the holiday season is just part of the job. This year has been no exception. It is nothing to worry about it.

These are sure fire ways to get those visions of sugar plums out of your head, and get the visions of art back in.

  1. Clean and make improvements to studio space
  2. Spend quality time with a shovel or any other manual labor preferably outdoors
  3. Take very long walks
  4. Scrub floors with a scrub brush
  5. Spend the day with grand kids and horses (my favorite)
This year I have been finishing and texturing sheet rock in my new space. It didn't take long for the ideas and visions to start filling my mind.  I am sketching them daily and already raring to get back to work in the studio.

But I will wait.

 I hope to be ready to move into my new space next week/ next year.

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