Monday, December 6, 2010

Peek in the Studio

Sometimes I see photos people post of their studios. I am always green with envy. My studio never looks like that....and then there are days like Sunday. After working on packing, framing and last touches on portraits....OMG

Warning: Photos may be disturbing to some viewers. (especially me)

But I got to the post office and it's better now. (but not much)
Every year it is like this with the last minute portraits and all the shipping to do for Christmas. I have finished the last four portraits. Two of them were these adorable kids. I am so glad to have them finished and all the shipping done.

I am thankful for all my customers and the great number of sales
and anxious to get to work on the new space.
Does your studio get neck deep around the holidays?


  1. Bravo les portraits sont magnifiques... les parents vont être très certainement heureux de les découvrir.
    Je vous fais de gros bisous, et soufflez un peu, maintenant...

  2. Thank you Martine. I am sure they will be thrilled.